CSMI provided award winning compliance services as recognized by the DC Department of Housing and Community Development in 2011. CSMI developed a comprehensive strategy for addressing compliance for the $15 million Old Congress Heights School Redevelopment Project (OCHS), from 2009 – 2011. The project scope of work was to provide a complete interior and exterior renovation for a historical facility that was an eye soar in the community for nearly 30 years. The OCHS project was a significant publicprivate partnership involving a local developer, non-profit organization, and the District of Columbia. The challenge involved managing the various partner’s expectations, while complying with the revised compliance requirements mandated by the District. In order to meet the goals and objectives set forth by the First Source Agreement, which required that at least 50% of all contract dollars be awarded to CBE firms. The local hiring goal was 60% of all hires had to be DC residents, of which 80% had to reside in Ward 8. CSMI implemented a “Success Management Approach,” which identified the overall project compliance goals and set forth a strategy to reach and exceed the goals.


We started with intense CBE outreach efforts and workshops to identify qualified firms who had the capability and capacity to perform the work. Each CBE firm and non-CBE firms participated in our compliance workshops and were contractually obligated to meet the local hire mandates, taught how to complete certified payroll, and completed First Source Agreements. Upon award of construction contracts, each firm had to agree to meet specific compliance goals that were detailed in their contract. As part of the award, CBE and non-CBE firms had to meet on a bi-weekly basis to review their local hiring progress and certified payrolls. CSMI worked with the local non-profit organization to serve as a clearinghouse for local hires in conjunction with the DC Office of Employment Services’ (DOES) OneStop Centers. Local hires were qualified, drug tested, and then cleared to work. CSMI staff compiled reports to each of the funding agencies and owner. We also analyzed employment data and distributed to the general contractor, making certain to hold them accountable for project compliance goals. During weekly project team meetings, we discussed the compliance goals and dealt with any problems or obstacles to achievement. At the conclusion of the project, we hired over 50 local hires, of which nearly 70% remain employed with the firms or are still in the field. This exceeded our mandated goal. All subcontractors completed certified payrolls and other reporting documentation in a timely fashion, which allowed for timely payments from the city and owner. As a result of our efforts, the CSMI received the CBE of the year award for hiring the most local hires of any city funded project in 2011 and overall compliance activities.